Wednesday, 26 September 2012



Dates: Monday 8 October - Saturday 13 October
Venue: URBAN
Price: Various

It's back!

Tin Shed Theatre Co. curate and present Comedy Port's official Fringe shows with a difference! Last year they built you a Rocket Ship, this year they've made you a ruddy Submarine! So grab your mariner garbs, set your radars for revelry & step inside their nautical vessel for an eclectic comedy bombardment of the hilarious variety as Tin Shed Theatre Co. present 7 comedy shows of over the festival from 8 - 13 October at URBAN in John Frost Square, including the free opening and closing parties! *Periscopes provided.

A Launchpad Festival Fringe pass costs just £15, allowing entry to all 7 Launchpad Shows. See the Comedy Port pages at for full listings. Follow the festival tweets @PortComedyFest and @Launchpad_2012


Monday, 25 June 2012

Monday 11th June- Saturday 30th June         

DECLARING AN INTEREST: an exhibition of creative protest from around the world

 The exhibition will explore social and political activism through the work of artists and peoples use of creativity as a method to get their point across. Images will be downloaded from online sources and pasted onto the gallery walls. The exhibition will be a space where visitors will be encouraged to engage as much in the issues as in the images themselves.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Artist Lounge Relaunch


The Artist Lounge is back!

On 30th March, come celebrate with us and other local Artists in seeing the return of The Artist Lounge!

@ 21/22 Gallery and Art Space, In John Frost Square, Newport.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Roy Guy Exhibition


Held in conjunction with the C.R.I (Crime Reduction Initiative) and will include some of the work created by its Service Users.  The aim of the exhibition is to show that Art can have a positive influence on the lives of the people who use the services of the C.R.I. 

The Exhibition is currently open.